Rijeka 2020

Fashion Week – Winter 2016

Fashion week – Winter 2016 is a seasonal event which took place on December 19 – 20, 2016, at the OKC Palach in Rijeka. The Winter 2016 pilot edition presented us with a two day showcase of the Sweet & Salt Flagship themes, concepts and theoretical background of urban reinvention planning of the city territory where the river meets the sea. The lead project host […]

ECOC Director Wanted – CLOSED

ceo wanted

Pursuant to Article 19, paragraph 1, point 7, and Article 29, paragraph 4, point 30 of the Articles of Incorporation of the founding of the company RIJEKA 2020 LLC from 24 May 2016, the Assembly of RIJEKA 2020 LLC is announcing the following JOB ANNOUNCEMENT for the position of Chief Executive Officer of RIJEKA 2020 […]