Presentation and discussion about the Coast Lines and 27 Neighbourhoods flagships on Saturday, 11h at Mali salon.

coast lines

Our next discussion on the Rijeka 2020 cultural programme revolves around two flagships, Coas Lines and 27 Neighbourhoods.

These two flagships will be presented by Chris Torch, and these flagships in particular are simultaneously strogly tied to the local tradition and the European dimension.

[one_half padding=”0 5px 0 0″]coast linesCoast Lines is a flagship that tries to re-define the meaning of the museum  and the way it interacts with its visitors. The flagship is about the wandering museumm, a physical and virtual path following traces of life by the Adriatic Sea. You can read about the Coast Lines following the link or clicking on the photo.[/one_half]

[one_half_last padding=”0 0px 0 5px”]27 susjedstava27 Neighbourhoods is a flagship dealing with the pains and challenges of integration, whether they are occuring in our apartmen buidlings, neighbourhoods, cities or our continent. We are facing a declining capacity to cope with diverse cultures, traditions and habit. With this flahship we want to bridge these limits by engaging in a network of relationships and cultural encounters. You can read about the 27 Neighbourhoods following the link or clicking on the photo.[/one_half_last]

The programme starts on Saturday at 11:00 at Mali salon. See you there!