Croatia will take part in the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, scheduled for opening on Friday, 27th May, with a project entitled “we need it – we do it”, created by a team of architects and cultural workers comprising Dinko Pera?i? (performance commissioner), Miranda Velja?i?, Slaven Tolj and Emina Višni?.


The project entitled “we need it – we do it” is aimed at turning buildings that have lost its primary purpose or have never been used for intended purposes into venues of intense cultural production and social interaction. The exhibition itself will be opened in the Arsenale on Friday at 2 pm, followed by the presentation of the accompanying publication. The project represents three cases of architectural and cultural practice in three Croatian cities, as examples of reporting from “the battlefield” and working “in the battlefield”. More details available in the Report from Croatian cultural battlefield.

The reconstruction of the H-building that is part of the Biennale presentation is only a small part of the reconstruction of the former Rikard Ben?i? factory complex. We must not forget the remaining parts of the complex, which will be given a new life and a makeover within the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture programme.

Brick House

The Brick House, one of the seven flagships of the Rijeka 2020 programme should be singled out as a place that will ensure conditions for developing cultural future of the city and the community in general. This unique initiative that is happening in a recycled factory brings together cultural institutions and independent producers. It provides content that is radically different from any existing initiative in Croatia. Brick House will serve as the focal point of knowledge and inspiration for the entire population, especially the children.


In the urban slang of former Yugoslavia, to “sell a brick” meant to go for the act of local punks and bullies accompanied by a vague threat in the sense “buy a brick or else..:”

We are playing on the well-known slang to rebuild the Brick House tailored to the needs of children. Until then we invite you to join us in brickspotting and report locations by using the #brickspotting hashtag. Stay tuned, construction is about to kick off!