The ?New Carnival? is a cultural and artistic project that approaches the carnival-related customs of the Kvarner region through the prism of contemporary art for the occasion of Rijeka’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture for 2020. Its exhibitions, workshops, street interventions, performances, concerts and masked party connect carnival-related customs with contemporary art, all while making Rijeka a focal point for dialogue that reinterprets these motifs in new ways.

Foto: Stephany Stefan
Photo: Stephany Stefan

The intent of this action is to reshape the traditional through artistic experimentation and the participation of the public. Carnival-related traditions and masks are deeply rooted in man’s connection with nature and the change of seasons. This initiative, implemented by the ?Kombinat? association, comprises segments that connect ecology, the participation of the public (especially its younger members) and creative expression with performative elements, experimentation and virtual dissemination.

The initiative begins with an eco-action in the canyon of the Rje?ina River to collect driftwood and natural waste materials, upon which the material collected will be used at workshops to create mask-instruments – face covers that produce noise and sounds. The workshops will be mentored by four young artists from Rijeka, and each group will focus on one of the topics of Rijeka’s candidacy – water, labour, port and diversity.

10985289_404560403046101_3360922118784535948_oThe final event is planned for the end of the carnival season – the creation of a sonic experiment that is akin to the gatherings of ?zvon?ari? bell-ringers in villages, but on the site of the archaeological park Principium.

After the performance-experiment, the participants will place their masks on the walls of the exhibition space, which will also represent the opening of the exhibition of their works in the Principium Gallery on 13 February at 7:00 p.m.

Join us celebrating the fifth season of the year!