Rijeka 2020


Work is Dead, Long Live Work!

dopolavoro_smallRijeka is a workers’ city. Its population grew based on its industries, harbours and resulting job opportunities. In the past two decades, Rijeka lost most of its jobs. It underwent de-industrialisation but never fully transformed from an industrial  centre into a knowledge hub. Rijeka and its immediate cultural surroundings mark a region with the highest rates of unemployment in Europe, staggering when it comes to youth. Precarious work has become a paradigm of the European south. There is a certain elation ignited by the freedom of digital communication as a sector, the colourful cityscape of start-ups and co-working, the economics of sharing. The world of work has never been more exciting. The world of idleness has never been so depressing. What is Rijeka’s future with 20,000 students replacing the 25,000 industrial jobs lost in the last 20 years? Dopolavoro means fun after work, but also Europe post labour.

More detailed description can be found here (LINK).