Rijeka 2020

Seasons of Power

Great European art responds to crisis

seasons_smallRijeka has survived occupation, liberation, monarchies, crumbling empires, de-railed socialist experiments. This Flagship delves into the world of totalitarian regimes, structures of power and fear, transforming Rijeka’s spoken and unspoken narratives. Many Season of Power actions take place in and around local memoryscapes – buildings (the D’Anunnzio’s Palace), memorial sites (Goli otok, Kampor camp on Rab), museums (Lipa), monuments (Victory monument, Podhum), military complexes (Sv. Katarina, former barracks of Spanish Civil War volunteers, currently the university campus), glorious remnants (Tito’s yacht Galeb) and lost places where history was officially forgotten.

More detailed description can be found here (LINK).